May 18, 2024


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PSD to HTML – Reasons For HTML Coding And Ways To Select Your Providers

There is a change in the requirement of website designing; as a result there is a shift from PSD to HTML. Earlier Web designers created images using PDS which were later converted to HTML code to be used for web page template or blog theme. Hence XHTML coding became a necessity for web site designing. To create impressive and expressive template for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento etc. based websites, there is a need for PSD slicing, CSS markup and HTML.

Reasons to convert PSD to HTML

1. Today’s, business scenario has changed as a result its requirements also. Making websites based on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento there is a need to convert PSD to HTML code. Online business has increased drastically, hence to save time direct use of HTML code came into picture.

2. Easy access, SEO, cross browser compatibility, and web standard compliance became an important cause for change from PSD to XHTML.

Reasons of requirement of PSD to HTML Service Providers

Conversion of PSD to XHTML is a time consuming work and requires a certain skill sets and knowledge of the language, therefore, it has become a necessity to hire PSD to HTML service provider.

a) Requirement in work environment: To avoid mental stress due to the over-burden of work and delay in completing the project in a stipulated time frame, there is a need for the PSD to HTML service providers. To be precise, this is to save time and money in the fast moving world.

b) Cross Browser compatibility: Today, the world has shrunk into a palm top. There are still many who also use desktop, smart phones, laptops etc. Therefore, browser needs to be compatible with all types of computers. Hence, PSD to HTML provides and fulfill the requirement of web browsers.

c) Hand Coding and Semantic Markup: Automatic conversion from PSD to HTML cannot solve all technical issues. Semantic coding comes into the picture and helps in search engine optimization of the website. One of the reasons why PSD to HTML Service providers who provide manual coding are in high demand.

d) Compliance with W3C: All markups provided by these providers have to be W3C compliant. Code should be easily readable and can be edited easily.

e) Due to high competitive environment, there is an intense competition between all the service providers. This forces the providers to develop XHTML codes to develop latest website designs.

Ways to select a HTML Service Provider

There are many more criteria other than quality of work done by the provider, on-time delivery schedule and reasonable pricing of the provider, like:

1. Confirmation of delivery date.

2. Customer satisfaction guarantee

3. Communication and support to the client post-conversion and development of the website.

Keeping in mind the above points, it will become easy and fast to develop a website in a short duration in a competitive world. The skill set of the provider should be kept in mind while choosing the provider.