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Drafting and Architecture – Online Schooling Programs

Students can learn how to efficiently draw and implement technical designs for a variety of purposes by gaining the correct education. Online education in drafting and architecture provides students with multiple schooling options. Students can become drafters and architects by completing an online degree program of their choice.

All educational levels are open to students online. Major areas of learning provide students with the skills to create functional buildings, places, and products that are used for a variety of reasons. Students should research the field their interested in to ensure they complete the correct level of schooling for their desired career. Most programs provide students with associates and bachelors degree programs to prepare them for entry-level positions. A master’s degree is completed to learn advanced techniques that allow students to become managers and leaders inside the workplace. Several schooling options include:


The goal of education is to train students to use technical data and incorporate it into illustrations that are used to create products. Students study electrical, mechanical, and architectural concepts to prepare them for a career. Education is offered at the certificate and associate’s degree level of education. Students begin their academic careers by learning how to manually draw. Measurements and projections are some areas explored in introductory courses. Once students have the basics down they are introduced to computer-aided drafting, which allows them to render drawings using computer software. Programs range in length from six months to two years depending on the educational level chosen. Most programs devote around seven courses to CAD concepts to enable students to master the program. Common course topics include technical drawing, parametric modeling, and geometric dimensioning.

*Architectural Drafting

Completing an architectural drafting degree program is a great way for students to prepare for a career. The goal of education is to train students to correctly draw building blueprints. Most programs cover drafting and design to give students the needed skills for the profession. Online education will have students exploring building construction, engineering, and design practices for the use of architectural drafting connected to residential and commercial projects. Students learn CAD techniques that prepare them to fully understand how to create a plan using technical drawings and blueprint maps. Building codes, construction specifications, design concepts, environmentally friendly designs, and more make up common coursework inside the associate’s and bachelor’s degree level of training. Education is focused on preparing students to handle design problems and still complete a project on deadline. Advanced training is often pursued at the master’s degree level.

*Landscape Architecture

The skills students need to create and design public areas are gained in an education in landscape architecture. Students learn how to utilize everything in public areas to integrate safe landscaping. Training prepares students to utilize architecture, design, and engineering concepts to create functional outdoor areas that are integrated with parks, gardens, playgrounds, and more. Education covers everything from botany to computer-aided design. Plant selection, landscaping history, horticulture, and construction education are common topics that prepare students for a career in this industry.

Students have several online drafting and architecture training options available to them. Complete an accredited program and become a specialized drafting professional. Various agencies can fully accredit the best quality educational programs. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology ( ) is approved to provide full accreditation to various programs.

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