The Offshore Software Development Company – Next Wave

Jean J. White

While policy makers and economists struggle to put together a long term plans to fire fight the crises, business needs immediate, effective solutions to the operational problems that they face, daily, some of which are: • Cash crunch • Expensive, and mostly unavailable human resources • Aging population of senior […]

Why Is My Computer Running So Slow?

Jean J. White

There are many possible answers to the question: “Why Is My Computer Running So Slow”? However, if you use the internet regularly, it is *almost certain* that one of the main reasons your computer is running so slow is because it is infected with spyware and adware. So What Is […]

First Time Homebuyers and Down Payment Assistance Programs

Jean J. White

May 27, 2010 Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA’s) for First Time Home Buyers By: Michael A. Foote, CMB There is money available for first time homebuyers today. In a much needed addition to financing products available today, down payment assistance programs are available once again. Down Payment Assistance Programs are […]

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