May 18, 2024


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What is MCITP Certification

The MCITP Certification or ‘Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional’ certification is one of the leading technical certifications from Microsoft. This certification provides a more focused and convenient framework for the IT professionals to showcase their technical expertise in any of their chosen field out of the twelve concentrations. This certification basically verifies a candidate’s understanding and the skill set he possess which are needed for jobs like Database admin or Enterprise messaging admin. One should be able to design, build and optimize the technologies in which he has got the specialization to be able to clear an MCITP certification. Professionals with MCITP credentials are fully capable of taking the necessary technical decisions in order to make successful technology execution projects.

Getting an MCITP certification implies and validates the fact that you are equipped with required knowledge and relevant experience in utilizing the products and solutions of Microsoft. This certification is an indispensable tool in your profile to give you an edge in today’s constantly changing IT marketplace. Moreover, it will provide you an opportunity to get connected with a huge global network of Microsoft certified professionals and also help in further fine tuning your skills in the domain in which you have the specialization. With an MCITP certification you can easily set yourself apart and highlight your subject of expertise which would make sure that you get the best of the job opportunities.

Few of the most popular concentrations out of the 12 concentration of this certification are Server Administrator, Business Intelligence Developer, Database Developer, Database Administrator, Enterprise Administrator, enterprise Project Management with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 etc. One has enough options to choose from and become a specialist in any of those fields.

The preparation guides for MCITP certification are readily available nowadays and there are many good providers of the course materials. In addition to the study guides one should also keep in mind that training programs are equally important for this certification. So make sure you enroll yourself into one of those programs which are conducted by certified instructors of the industry who are experts in their respective fields.