June 17, 2024


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What Are the Main Criteria Which May Affect the Salary of Medical Coders and Billers?

From the National Human resource data compiled and published by the National Salary Organization in 2008, we can see that the salary distribution for medical coders and billers range widely across the pay spectrum, ranging from USD 35,000 to USD45,000 annually on average. As all of us are aware, for every profession and job, there are many factors which may affect the salary of the profession itself, and this is no exception to medical coders nor billers.

Come now and let us go through and study some of the key factors which have great influence on the amount of the salary of a medical coder and biller;

– 1. Education level –

It is fairly straight-forward that any graduates with the rightful earn of certification or degree from an accredited university or school with a medical coding and billing program are liable to command for a higher salary compared to those who are without the required education and academic qualification. Nowadays, for hiring, some employers seriously looking out for certified candidates only because they have more confident with the competency of the candidates with the certification fitting into the position that they are looking to be fulfilled. It is very common to find that those that did not have any certificate or degree from medical coding or billing will normally be promoted until the assistant level only and they would hardly reach the level of medical coding and billing specialist even after some good years.

– 2. Geographical area –

Big cities will need more specialized human resources with required skills and expertise a lot more than those in the rural areas. Houston, Boston, New York, Chicago are some of the big cities which pay significantly higher than the rest of the cities for their residents. This is largely due to the high cost living in these cities.

– 3. The size of the Organization or institution –

Larger organizations such as nursing home and large hospitals are more willing to pay for a higher wage to their medical coders and billers as compared to those who worked in the billing departments in a small clinic or a doctor’s office. The differences in the salary is largely due to the heavier responsibilities which one need to bear for working in a larger organization as compared to a smaller one.

– 4. Shared knowledge of medical coding and billing –

There is some degree of correlation between medical billing and coding although both of them are from different entitles. Anyone who have good knowledge in both these medical fields will definitely be preferred by the employers and they will be able to gauge a higher salary and a better career prospect than if they only own the knowledge of either medical coding or billing. That is why it is so beneficial for anyone to take up training course which provide both medical coding and billing to increase one’s competitiveness.

– 5. Experience –

– Experienced and skillful medical coders and billers are capable to handle multiple tasks without compromising the quality of their work. This is the strength and benefits of having experienced staffs compared to those without experienced. The more experienced one managed to gain through their working years, the higher his salary will be. Hiring workers with experienced not only help to save the training effort and time, at the same time, they are capable to ramp up within a shorter timeframe as compared to someone fresh.