July 15, 2024


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Tidy POV Display Using The ESP32

Tidy POV Display Using The ESP32

Chinese Youtuber [corebb] presents the next model of his POV show. The before variation utilised 5050-sized SMT addressable LEDs, which didn’t give terrific resolution, so he rev’d the style to use a substantially larger selection (160 to be exact) of APA102 LEDs. These are 2mm on the aspect, building them a small extra complicated to cope with, so just after some first solder paste wobbles, he decided to use a deal assembly household to do the tough bit for him. This failed as they didn’t ‘understand’ the portion and positioned them the incorrect way about! Not to be deterred, he experienced an additional go with a modified solder stencil, and sooner or later bought the whole strip to light-weight up appropriately.

Based on an ESP32 (applying the Arduino stack) and SDCard for handle, and a LiPo cell billed wirelessly, the build is fairly tidy. A pair of hall effect switches are mounted at the get started of every single of the two arms, presumably lining

Actual-time video streaming? Check!

up with a magnet on the scenario someplace, though this is not clear. The schematic and PCB seem to have been developed with JLCEDA, which is a repackaging of EasyEDA. We can see the attraction with the major integration of this with the JLC and LCSC services. It seems that he even managed to get streamed online video doing the job — displaying a stay video from a webcam — which is rather an endeavor to pull off when you assume how a great deal processing wants to come about in serious-time. As he alludes to in the video, trying to increase the resolution beyond this position is not practical with the processing ability of the ESP32.

A resin-printed situation finishes off the establish, with a screw-thread mount included to the rear, to let regular camera mounts to be utilised to maintain the thing down. A smart shift we feel.

We enjoy POV shows around right here, this spherical POV exhibit is specifically fantastic, but you do not require fancy components if you have a helpful ceiling enthusiast and a bit of protoboard spare.

Thanks to [mrx23dot] for the suggestion!