May 29, 2024


The Techno Universe

Mobile Google Keep to Google Doc

Google Preserve is an awesome resource that performs offline. It is a observe having app but so substantially much more. When I’m a passenger in a motor vehicle and I have some suggestions I want to get down, Google Maintain is the fastest way to attain that. Sticky Notes
Effectively, Google Keep is a sticky observe software. On the other hand, it has notification and reminder ability as well as the ability to Share. It is Google soon after all.
You can come across your Retain notes from your Google account. Generate a be aware on your telephone and then go to on your computer to very easily entry your note.
Google Docs
Google Continue to keep integrates with Google Docs 2 approaches. The initial is the sidebar of Google Docs has a Google Maintain icon. Click on that to exhibit your notes although composing a doc. You can also drag the observe to the Doc.
The other way is to totally change your Google Hold into a Google Doc. You can do this from Cellular or Web.
From mobile click on on the 3 dots icon to choose “Share.” A single of the share selections is “Copy to Google Doc.” This generates a brand new Google Doc in your Google Travel.
I discover the copy to Google Doc to be so convienent. Brainstorming or receiving my concepts down speedily is improved in Retain. If it commences to acquire into anything much more or I want to take it to my notebook then converting it to a Google Doc is the way to go.
If it is just common rambling I just leave the note in Keep and never have a Doc cluttering up my Generate.