July 19, 2024


The Techno Universe

Mobile Computing and the Personal High Tech Shopper’s Edge

It’s finally here, real-time, real-world, real-fast shopper assisted personal tech – and it rocks! Well, that is at least what the smart phone app users are saying, and they are spending, to the delight of the retail sector. And let me tell you, they needed this boost after the last couple of years of lack-luster sales. Apparently, thanks to Apple’s App Store and all the other apps out there for the android system customers, retailers are dancing to a new tune – waltzing to the music of consumerism.

Indeed, this is not only good for the shareholder’s equity and quarterly profits of brick and mortars, but also good for the rebounding of our economic situation here in the United States. Mobile computing and this new personal tech shopper’s edge are helping sales skyrocket, and most say – this is only the beginning. Today, being a seasoned shopper will require smart phone, or tablet apps to assist you. Retailers will enjoy this if they have the best price, and good products with lots of sales and discounts.

However, any retailer that is trying to charge too much for a given product will run into problems, as those with personal tech devices and retail apps are constantly shopping the sales for the items they are looking for. It also means that retailers who are sponsoring sales can reap the rewards from large purchase buying, while other less competitive retailers may not be able to survive. Indeed, it also gives the advantage to the large box store retailers who can always sell at lower prices.

Still, a smalltime retailer which has a loyal following can alert their customers and create apps of their own by alerting their favored customers to special discount programs, coupons, and reward membership deals. Apparently mobile computing is going to change how the brick-and-mortar retailers compete in the future. It also pits digital online retailers with brick-and-mortar stores like never before. Those retailers that fail to harness the power of these new digital high-tech personal computing mobile venues, maybe left in the dark, and in the red.

If you have anything else to add to this, or you’d like to discuss this at a think tank, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, as we to our thinking on these topics. Please consider all this and think on it.


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