May 30, 2024


The Techno Universe

How to Password Protect a USB Drive Safely

In finding out how to password protect a USB drive, we may come across the option to download a free software product from off of the internet… but are these products safe? Who writes these products and puts them out for free? After all, programming software takes a great deal of doing, and anyone creating such would be near foolish to just toss it out to the world and get no monetary compensation for the large amount of work done, right? So perhaps the real questions are, are these really and truly “free”, and if not, just how are these programmers getting paid by our using these programs? Are we getting shimmed here somehow?

Well, you wouldn’t think so at first, would you? But then you suddenly notice your e-mail addresses becoming flooded with various waves of junk e-mail, and much of it seems to know what you’re into as far as interests. What happened here? You see, there’s something called adware, and there is another thing called spyware… and this is how a lot of these programmers can make a bit of cash on the side. This type of program is downloaded as part of the package when you download a free program like this, and these adware bugs actually access the data you’re trying to protect – private, personal data – even delicate financial data. Is this how to password protect a USB drive in a safe way? I think not.

In essence, these programs are viral – yes, these are viruses, though they don’t crash your computer. Viruses… the very thing we don’t want on our computers, we are personally placing onto our computers by downloading these, so this clearly is not how to password protect a USB drive safely at all. So how do we do it? We invest in professional USB password protection, that’s how. You really do get what you pay for, and these days, “free” often tends to mean that we end up paying in some other way. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good, professionally created software program to password protect your USB drives.