May 20, 2024


The Techno Universe

Fix For Slow Computer – Things You Need to Know

If you use your computer for work, for homework or for pleasure then you need for it to perform at least as fast as you can. If not then you are wasting precious time and you need a fix for your slow computer. Before you can come up with a fix for a slow running computer you need to evaluate and determine exactly what is running slow.

Here are some questions to answer first:

  • Has your computer always been slow?
  • Did it get suddenly slow?
  • Has it gradually slowed down over time?
  • Is it only slow when you are on the web?
  • Is it only slow when you are playing games?
  • Is it slow when you have a number of tasks going at one time?
  • Is it slow just when you are on a wireless connection?
  • Is it slow on startup and shutdown?

By answering these questions you can narrow down your problem and make it easier to come up with a fix for your slow computer. If your computer has always been slow then perhaps you didn’t buy a PC or laptop with a fast enough processor to begin with. If your computer is only slow when you are playing games then you may just need a faster graphics card or more memory. If your computer is only slow when you are on the internet, then you may just need a faster internet connection service. Price and compare speeds of other internet service providers. You might be surprised at the deals you can find.

Your wireless router may be the culprit and the fix for slow computer when you are using your wireless connection. When a computer becomes suddenly slow you may have picked up a virus and you possibly need to clean your registry. If your computer has not always been slow but has gradually over time gotten slower and slower, then the problem is probably virus/adware/spyware type problems.

As you surf the net, adware/spyware programs add simple files to your computer hard drive unbeknownst to you which allows the publisher to snoop on your browsing activity and then they also sell this personal information to other third party advertisers. These little files that are added to your computer are what is known as spyware. These malicious little files take up your hard drive space, invade your privacy and slow down your computer.

As well as protecting my computer with anti-virus software, I clean it quite frequently with adware/spyware remover software, since these little malicious files are being added daily as you surf the net. If your computer seems to get slower as the day goes on, then you may not have enough memory to support all the tasks that you keep open and running at one time. You might try closing applications when they are not in use and re-opening them later when you need them again. Or, you might just try adding memory to your computer. Everything we purchase requires maintenance sooner or later. The same is true for your computer. I have a friend that always says ‘Do you practice safe computing?’. By this he means are you running a good anti-virus protection software and are you keeping your computer free of adware and spyware.

You need to practice ‘safe computing’ regardless of whether or not you upgrade your memory, graphics card or processor speed. This will help prevent you needing a fix for slow computer in the future.