May 18, 2024


The Techno Universe

Designing Websites With Important Considerations in Mind

The following are important points of website design considerations:


Any website to be developed must of course be for an intended use as required by the owner. Identifying the need of the website helps a developer to understand what features should be included in design. There are many types of websites that one can choose to develop according to the use intended. There are personal websites whose needs may be easy to capture, while there are commercial, organizational, community, social and other advanced websites that require more details for their requirements to be adequately captured.

Coding Language

There are a variety of coding languages used to develop different types of websites. HTML is the most basic and is fairly simple to understand and use. However, other languages such as PHP, CSS, JSP, ASP JavaScript, Ajax and others are either used together with HTML or independently in order to implement a variety of features and optimize performance for larger websites. Compatibility with different types of browsers and the speed at which pages load are important considerations when deciding which website coding language to use.

Domain Name

While domain names can often go with any choice of words as long as they are available, one needs to put the best considerations forward in order to pick domains that are relevant for the type of websites developed. More often this should be the name of your business, product, service or any other subject about your website. A good choice makes it easier for people to find your website when searching online through search engines. Various types of websites depending on their uses have distinct ending parts of their domain names. Commercial websites endings; organizational domains while personal websites may use a variety of endings.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a very important consideration which often impacts on the choice of domain names. Some big organizations choose to host their websites on their own servers. However, majority of business organizations and individuals choose to concentrate on their core business and leave web hosting to service providers. With this last option, you have less to worry other than managing your website and promoting its content. There are many web hosting plans and packages to choose from. Both paid and free hosting services are available so it’s only a matter of considering what you need for your website. Some packages offer more storage space, emails and other important features which determine the cost and suitability for your needs.


While many people consider promotion as an afterthought, there are certain elements that should be implemented inside the code when designing websites. Codes for social network sharing buttons, contact forms and the like should be part and parcel of design so as to be more effective.