May 20, 2024


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Colorful Split Keyboard Uses VGA Connections

Colorful Split Keyboard Uses VGA Connections

When it comes to creating a split keyboard, you have a good deal of options when it arrives to the cable. Quite a few will use a normal 3.5 mm TRRS cable, and others may use some thing more esoteric like RJ-45 to operate amongst the halves. This only functions if you’re using two controllers if you only want one controller, you have to go the matrix from 1 side to the other, which usually requires more than the 4 wires available by the aforementioned possibilities. While rummaging all around, [Joe Scotto] discovered a VGA cable and assumed, why not use that?

This beautiful Barbie-themed peripheral is a break up version of an earlier board he crafted referred to as the ScottoFly, which is a monoblock split with a void in the center. As with that one particular, this is hand-wired making use of thicc brass insulated with warmth-shrink, utilizes a strong 3D-printed plate, and a printed case. And like a madman, [Joe] coiled the cable.

Unfortunately, this proved to be problematic in the wire breakage sense, or so he believed. The authentic difficulty turned out to be that the middle row of pins on a VGA connector all act like ground, so they simply cannot be applied to move rows and columns. On the other hand, there have been even now enough practical pins to send out the 4×5 matrix throughout. Be sure to examine out the construct video clip after the break. out?v=nY5QrDrGWAw

Via KBD #103