July 15, 2024


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Abeka Or Seton – Which of These Religious Home School Programs Do You Prefer?

Abeka Or Seton – Which of These Religious Home School Programs Do You Prefer?

More parents are considering the option of home schooling because of concerns about the education their children are receiving in either public or private schools. As time goes on home school programs are becoming a more attractive option. There are different ways of home schooling and the option you select will determine the curriculum.

A lot of the parents that consider home schooling check into home school programs that practice more of a spiritual curriculum. There are several home school programs that are founded in religion, however the two most sought after are Abeka and Seton. While both programs are religious based they’re somewhat different.

Developed by Dr. Anne Carroll in 1980, The Seton home school program is a extremely popular form of Catholic home schooling. Dr. Mary Kay Clark assumed the title of director In 1985 and Seton proceeded to develop and nowadays has an enrollment of over ten thousand students. Students that are enrolled in the Seton program and graduate from Seton’s high school program receive a diploma unlike some other home school programs. Seton is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Seton offers a Catholic curriculum for grades kindergarten through twelve and believes that the home schoolers of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Seton requires that enrolled students have tests every quarter and assignments must be sent in for grading. Items graded by parents also constitute a portion of the student’s grade. Upon enrolling with Seton a you will get day-to-day lesson plans along with testing and academic guidance.

Taking a look at the Abeka home school curriculum we find that it is fundamentally Christian based and is the most popular home school program around. Families who are very organized or need a highly structured curriculum will like Abeka a lot. Christianity is a message you will see throughout all of Abeka’s texts.

If you’re looking for an accelerated and advanced form of home schooling, then Abeka is for you. With Abeka, you’ll know precisely what has to be done each day. You’re told just what to do and say. You’ll be able to purchase lesson plans, teacher’s manuals, textbooks and tests. You can choose the DVD versions of Abeka home schooling where you’ll get an entire year of schooling including assessments, textbooks and DVD classroom lessons.

Another option of Abeka beside the DVD and textbook is the Abeka Academy Traditional Parent-Directed option. It is a fully accredited college prep curriculum. Abeka gives you teacher manuals that show precisely how to follow and instruct the program. Abeka will keep the records for you from the material you teach. You send in all the tests and work, Abeka grades them and supply’s a report card. You will get progress reports and an academic calendar.

Abeka is among the more costly programs. Because of the large quantity of material to read and do some students burn out on Abeka. But if you want a program that set a strong structure during the early years and proceeds to challenge students through high school Abeka is for you.

In conclusion, your child is bound to get an effective home-schooled education founded in a religious belief whether you select the Abeka or Seton home school programs.