May 30, 2024


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What Financial Aid Programs Are Available For Beauty Schools?

Times dictate that money is tighter than it has ever been. Because of this, many people are foregoing college or trade school education and then get stuck in a low-paying job that has no future. What many people do not know is that certain trade schools, such as beauty schools, are actually eligible for financial aid.

Cosmetology school students are entitled to many of the same programs that students who are attending four-year programs are entitled to. Some of this was created by stimulus funding, but most of the programs were always accessible. It was just a perception by the public that because the schools were not colleges or universities, they were not eligible.

For instance, students can receive funds from the Federal Pell Program, SEOG Program, JTPA and the Federal Student Loan Program. Of course, the funds are not automatic, as each case is different. Students need to turn in the appropriate applications and a decision will be made based on need. However, the federal money train is hardly the last place to look.

Most schools will also offer their own financial aid programs. These will be available to all students and will again be based on need. In most cases, the schools will want to see what the government will cover and then it will pitch in if the student qualifies. There is also scholarship money that can be won on year to year basis. This is not a grant or a loan, but money that is based on qualifications and that is applied directly to tuition costs.

Students today, regardless of the type of schooling that they are pursuing, have plenty of options to look at when it comes to financial aid. Don’t get frustrated if the government does not cover all costs as there are private scholarships available along with grant-in-aid from the school itself. If you look hard enough, there is plenty of aid available to help make those beauty school dreams come true.