Asus RT-AXE7800: Another Cool Wi-Fi 6E Router

Jean J. White

In late September 2022, Asus quietly released the RT-AXE7800 router — its fifth Wi-Fi 6E broadcaster after the GT-AXE11000, ZenWiFi ET8, GT-AXE16000, and ZenWiFi Pro ET12. Judging from the name, the new hardware seems to be another mundane Wi-Fi 6E router of a lower tier than the GT-AXE11000. But looking […]

Why It’s Important to Have a Secure WiFi Network

Jean J. White

Imagining about switching to a secure WiFi network? Listed here are a few factors why it is truly important! In today’s working day and age, where we’re getting around-reliant on technology, it is even extra critical to safe each side of our digital presence. Info security is an ever-evolving subject […]

Synology WRX560 Review: Best Mid-Tier Wi-Fi 6 Router

Jean J. White

A year or two ago, the Synology WRX560 would have been an awesome Wi-Fi 6 router. But considering the current ubiquity of Wi-Fi 6E and the upcoming Wi-Fi 7, Synology’s latest router, first announced in late October 2022, seems awfully dated. Though excellent, as it proved in my testing, this […]

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