Spyware Adware Threats

Jean J. White

Keylogging software is an extremely dangerous spyware that can invade your PC. This is an invisible software program that cyber criminals use to track your online activity.

The major concern with this type of spyware is that you will not notice any slow down in your computer performance, it will run as normal. The Keylogging spyware will be quietly running in the background watching every keystroke you type.

The cyber criminals often sell your private information to third parties who then employ other techniques to withdraw from bank accounts and credit cards. Other sophisticated hackers use Keylogging spyware to invade company computers so they can steal vital business information.  Some organizations have turned this situation around; they use Keylogging software to monitor employees’ activity within the workplace, so they can see what sites their employees are visiting during business hours.

Computer experts have said that because Keylogging software can hide deep within a computer it is almost impossible to detect. The traditional antivirus and antispyware that you see advertised free very rarely detects this software.  Even the major paid versions find it difficult to locate and remove Keylogging software.

The number of crimes associated with Keylogging has been rising steadily over the last few years but there are proactive measures that you can take to prevent this software from attacking your PC. 

You should be careful on the type of sites you visit especially if you download software, music or videos from the web.  Keyloggers can easily attach themselves to other unsuspecting software, which in turn you download and install without realizing any thing is wrong.  Online retailers and the major banks are relatively safe.  Some good antispyware products install security blocks on your browser that alert you if you visit unsafe visits, these products also stop pop-up ads from appearing. Hackers use these ads to get access to your PC; if you are unsure, the best thing to do is not to click on these pop-ups.

It is essential when surfing the web that you have an active firewall in place to prevent unauthorized access from potential hackers. Nowadays, most people know what spam is and usually have some form of spam filter in place to delete these emails.  However, cyber criminals are constantly looking for ways to circumvent antispam filters. They use different tactics so that some emails appear to be genuine, the advice here is that you should be wary of emails if you do not recognize the sender, carefully read the subject and never open any emails with attachments.

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