July 15, 2024


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Proton Mail and Calendar Are Getting Even Better

Proton Mail and Calendar Are Getting Even Better

Proton Mail and Calendar Are Getting Even Better

Proton‘s privacy and security-focused products are awesome. And if you use Proton Mail and/or Proton Calendar, they’re about to get way better, as Proton has announced a handful of new features for both of those services.

There are six new features coming to ProtonMail, including schedule send, which lets you schedule delivery of emails at specific times and tracking protections to cut down on email trackers, keep senders from knowing when you opened an email, and more. You’ll be able to set reminders to check and reply to emails, keep them categorized, and search for message content.

Proton has been slowly merging all of its services together with similar branding and features, and more of that is on the way. The company said in its blog post, “one of our goals for 2023 is to build stronger cross-product integrations within the Proton ecosystem. […] If you write an email and attach a file that exceeds Proton Mail’s file size limit, it will be automatically uploaded to Proton Drive and sent as a secure link. Similarly, we’ll make it easier for you to save email attachments you receive in Proton Drive.”

Proton Calendar has a smaller, but still considerable list of improvements. For one, you’ll be able to create to-do lists and share your calendar with other Proton users, and you’ll be able to switch to more convenient calendar/agenda views. With improvements to both services, Proton is trying to attain feature parity with services from competitors like Google while keeping the company’s commitment to security and privacy intact.

Source: Proton