May 18, 2024


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Instant Commission Affiliate Programs

One of the biggest hurdles for affiliate marketers is having to wait for their commission payouts for weeks or months after they’ve made the sales. This leads to cash flow problems: How can you put the money back into advertising to earn more, when you haven’t been paid yet?

Enter a new type of affiliate set up…

Instant Commission Affiliate Programs. Imagine getting your commissions paid immediately into your Paypal account every time you make a sale. No more waiting around for a commission check.

This type of instant commission program is becoming increasingly popular as it’s a win-win situation for all involved. The seller doesn’t have to deal with sending out commission payments, it’s done automatically. The buyer sees no difference in the payment process and customer service issues are handled by the seller, not you.

And you don’t have to worry about if and when you’ll be paid by the seller, you automatically get the money in your account when the sale is made. This allows you to immediately turn around and reinvest your profits into growing your affiliate business even further.

So how can you start getting paid instantly?

The affiliate process works the same as any other. You promote your affiliate link however you choose. The trick is to find a good product that provides instant payouts, which also pays a high commission.

The best program used by sellers for instant payouts is Rapid Action Profits. The affiliate system usually works like this:

You will get paid 100% of every other, or every third sale you refer, essentially earning you a 33% or 50% commission. Commissions generally start at $7 (the $7 Script is another popular way to payout instant commissions) and go up to the hundreds, so take a look around to find a good combination of a high quality product and commission level you’re happy with.

Where can you find Instant Commission Affiliate Programs?

You can Google “Powered by Rapid Action Profits” or “$7 Script” to find many of these instant commission products. It’s still a fairly new concept so your choices will not be a vast as with the average affiliate programs, and you may need to do a bit more digging, but getting paid instantly means you are able to build up a bigger affiliate income in much less time.

You’ll be able to turn around and start your next promotion right away, since the waiting game that’s slowed down affiliate marketers in the past has been eliminated. You send traffic to the product page, make the sales, and see the money in your account right away. You’ll never want to go back to old school affiliate programs again!