May 29, 2024


The Techno Universe

How to Use a File Recovery Software to Recover Any Lost Documents

You walk into work after staying up all night to finish your reports for the big meeting. You plug in your flash drive to print a few key notes, and your project is gone. In fact, everything from your flash drive is gone. Before you panic, stop using your flash drive. There are ways to easily recover all of your hard work, and you can have it all back in plenty of time for your meeting. The first thing you’re going to want to do is download a free file recovery software.

A file recovery software will be able to recover files lost on your computer or any external drives. However, it can only do this if you don’t accidentally rewrite over the information you’ve lost. In the case of a flash drive, just don’t save anything else on the drive until you’ve recovered the files you need. In Windows, however, it gets a bit more complicated. Windows is constantly writing information to the hard drive, so if you’ve lost important documents you want to avoid using Windows as much as possible. This way, Windows won’t accidentally write over the files you need.

Once you have a file recovery software, the process for recovering your files is easy. Select your recovery mode, scan your computer, and then select which file or files you want to recover. Many file recovery softwares make this easy, but you’re going to need to know which recovery mode to choose. Most often you will choose deleted recovery, but the three options you have are:

· Deleted Recovery – This is a basic type of recovery, meant to restore files that are accidentally deleted from your computer or external hard drive. This is the type of recovery you would have used in the example above.

· Format Recovery – If you have recently formatted the hard drive or external drive, you can still recover files. Format recovery will recover files even if the drive has been reformatted, as long as the information hasn’t been written over.

· Partition Recovery – If you had a partition on your hard drive that was deleted or lost, you can still recover files from that partition using the partition recovery mode.

No matter which mode you need to use, the steps for using the free data recovery software will be the same. This is an easy way to recover files that you thought were gone forever, no matter why they disappeared. For smaller hard drives, the process can take just a few moments, while larger hard drives may take a little bit longer. While this can seem a little bit frustrating, remember the program is searching every part of your hard drive or external drive to find deleted files for you. As soon as it has found all of the files you need, you can recovery them and save them to another hard drive so they don’t get deleted again.