May 21, 2024


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How to Remove Personal Antivirus – Get Rid of It!

Personal Antivirus is considered a scareware because of the millions of people that have fallen into its trap. It is developed to scare computer users into thinking that your computer has been compromised and that it is infected by hundreds of viruses and Trojans. That thought can be scary indeed.

It is a rogue antivirus program. It gets even scarier because you won’t even notice that you already have it residing in your computer. It has stealth mode ability. Once you have confirmed that it is indeed in your desktop make sure to remove it immediately. It can do more harm such as installing keyloggers and may steal your password and credit card numbers.

How does one become a victim of it? There is no specific source that specifically states how you acquire it. Usually it would be by accident when you visit unsafe websites or engaged in file sharing activities from an unreliable resource.

Once this rogue antivirus software is installed in your computer it would configure it such as way that it will automatically run each time you log on. It will conduct a fake scanning procedure and later on scare you with the results that your computer is infected. It will generate pop-ups with the attempt to trick you into purchasing the full version.

Don’t fall for this trap. It is nothing more than a scam. You will loose your money if you do purchase and much worse the full version won’t do anything to resolve your problem. Being a bogus program, it does not have the technical know how of conducting scanning procedures as well as identifying infections either.

How to Remove Personal Antivirus

The next best thing to do is to get rid of it. You can remove it in two ways. The automated removal is highly recommended for this problem. It is easier to do. All you need is the aide of trusted protection software that can get it done. It also doesn’t take that much time. It is a safe process and guarantees complete removal of the bogus program once and for all.

The other way of removing the bogus program is through manual removal. This particular approach is a bit technical and it would be better to do this if you are technically inclined with computers. Make sure to backup your computer system just in case you’ll need to do an uninstall/install procedure later on.

You will need to stop the fake program from running is the first thing. Usually the files you’d be looking for would have.exe as an extension. Next is to remove registry entries that are associated with the rogue program and continue to do a search and destroy of any file that is related to the bad program.

It can be very technical. Don’t attempt to do it if you are not capable. You can always seek help from someone who can do the procedure. If ever, you can always go for the automatic removal approach which works best for situations like this.