May 18, 2024


The Techno Universe

How Does Spyware and Adware Get on Your Computer?

Spyware and adware use some very stealth tactics to get onto your computer. While most experienced internet users are quite diligent, the average users are completely oblivious to the impact and magnitude of adware and spyware. Most people seem to think that constant pop ups are just a part of surfing the web and that the slowing down of their computer is just part of the computer aging.

Protecting yourself against adware and spyware is as important as locking the front door to your house. You wouldn’t want just anyone top walk into your front door and look through your stuff would you? How about someone walking into your house and hiding cameras to spy on you?

Apart from invading your privacy, adware and spyware pose a very real and serious threat to personal safety. Identity theft is a major problem that’s become a high priority crime and one that’s receiving a lot of media attention at the moment. The fact remains that because everything is turning digital, small amounts of data can lead to big leaks. Large companies spends millions protecting their (and your) personal data, but the individual is the new target. The come computer is an untapped source for thousands of hackers looking for easy pickings.

There are many ways in which adware and spyware can get on to your computer. The most common way is through attachments in unsolicited emails. When you open the attachment, it will install itself on your computer and might give someone else access to your computer while you are connected to the internet.

In the last 5 years so-called free Freeware and Shareware software has become a big thing. Basically, software developers will offer you free software under false pretences and install adware and/or software along with the so-called free software. While you think they were just generous, they are collecting data from your computer that they can either use to steal from you or sell to someone who is willing to abuse your personal information.

With music and movies making the shift from CD’s and DVD’s to online downloads there’s been a massive increase in the distribution of adware and spyware with these downloads. It’s easy to get people to download “free” music and that’s why so many people get spyware and adware on their computers. Peer to peer (P2P) download sites require you to download their software which is riddled with all kinds of adware. Special care should be taken on download sites as it’s an easy way for the wrong people to get stuff unto your computer.

Although it’s important to always have up to date adware and spyware software to protect your computer, you need to be diligent and aware of the threats. Don’t download suspicious files and never download anything from suspicious sites. Be careful what download and if you get any suspicious emails, just delete it. Don’t take any chances.