June 17, 2024


The Techno Universe

Can technology advances bring manufacturing jobs back to North America? Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition. An interview with Eric Whitley, L2L

Can developments in technology carry producing work opportunities back to North The united states?

For a long time we have manufactured manufacturing less costly by shifting it abroad to reduced wage economies. Which is had some devastating impacts on our manufacturing economic system. It is decimated communities and towns. It is been an environmental dilemma as we ship items 1000’s of miles unnecessarily.

In a planet the place it’s much less expensive to slice down a tree, ship the uncooked wooden overseas and convey back chopsticks to be employed in a cafe in a city around you, something’s radically erroneous!

But what if technological know-how and the arrival of what is been termed Production 4. can really bring large having to pay producing work back again to North The us. Is that doable?

In this episode we explore this and extra with Eric Whitley of L2L. Eric has labored in producing for his overall vocation.

Whitley was aspect of the Lean Producing movement, ironically a movement established on the operate of an American, but which was adopted commonly in Japan. Lean, adapted as “the Toyota Way” made Toyota the biggest car company in the world. This accomplishment impressed a new wave of Lean Manufacturing in North The usa, saving much of what was left of production on this continent.

In the earlier yrs, Whitley experienced been doing the job on intelligent producing programs and what has been termed Producing 4. – the “digital transformation” of production.

There is been a lot prepared on Producing 4.. If you’ve viewed or read some of this and want to know what’s seriously taking place, this dialogue with Whitley provides us a initial hand look from a “sleeves rolled up” specialist.