June 17, 2024


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Anti-Spyware Software? Finally Help Is Here

One day, Bill was carelessly working on his computer. He just noticed that his computer started acting weirdly. His screen started showing pop-ups and he was not even browsing the Internet. Trying to figure out what happened, he noticed that certain settings changed without his knowledge and that some programs behaved differently. He was barely able to complete his work, and the computer started crashing more often.

Bill has just infected his computer with spyware!

Even though spyware defines a broad category of software, the name applies to programs that access data and change the way the computer operates, without permission from the user. The spyware monitors your computer, using its resources for the benefit of a third party. You might have heard of other nuisances roaming the internet, like:

Viruses – self-replicating programs that integrates itself into executable programs or documents.

Worms – are stand-alone programs that replicate on their own without the need of other programs.

Trojans – are specially disguised programs, which appear to be legitimate but will enable a third party to obtain information from your computer.

Most spyware programs do not fit the exact above categories, because their main purpose is to take over your computer and obtain commercial gains. Usually this forces the user to interact with advertisements, in the form of pop-ups, or monitors the user’s activity and obtains information from his computer.

It is important to know what spyware is, and how to prevent it. The spyware removal and recovery is a tedious task for most users.

Prepare today = Thank yourself later:

Your best defense is having information on the latest spyware and malware outbreaks, and how you can prevent getting infected by them. Many online resources offer feature free anti-spyware software scanning, which you can download at scan no cost to access your current risk status of infection.

Do not wait for symptoms before you see the doctor:

Remember, it always easier to prevent getting infections, than scanning and cleaning the infected files. You have several solutions for this:

1) Download the anti-virus and anti-spyware scanning software from the internet, keep these security programs updated and you will be safe from the latest web threats.

2) Always download and accept downloads of data files and programs, from trusted sources only. Otherwise, scan the files before downloading and saving them on your PC.

And last but not least, keep your infected files/folders.

Most anti-spyware software will employ cleaning methods that save the content of your infected files with little damage as possible.